Media Notes

Requests for interviews or statements about TEDxFultonStreet should be sent to the licensee, Aaron Sylvan at Aaron is the official spokesperson for TEDxFultonStreet.
Press, Media, and Public Relations at TEDxFultonStreet

Press, Media, and Public Relations at TEDxFultonStreet

Please note that TEDx event organizers are not able to speak for the TED Conference. Any inquiry regarding TED should be sent to: Melody Serafino, TEDx Media Liaison,

While we appreciate any coverage, we kindly ask that all journalists and/or bloggers be respectful of the difference between the TED and TEDx brands. The ‘x’ in ‘TEDx’ stands for “independently organized events.” Any headline or text which implies “TED” is coming to [location], or “so-and-so is speaking at TED” would be misleading.

For more information on TEDx, visit

If you display our logo, please do not use the plain “TED” logo or the general “TEDx” logo, but instead use an approved file of the TEDxFultonStreet logo, which is attached here: Download Logos

The “official TED Red” color is RGB(255,43,6) or CMYK(0,100,100,0) or HEX #FF2B06 or Pantone 485. The bold font is “Arial Black”, and the thin version we sometimes use is “Helvetica Neue Thin” often in all-caps.

Notes about Recording and Syndication:

  • Photos of the main stage are allowed (no flashes).
  • Video of the main stage is NOT allowed while presentations are in progress.
  • Recording the audience, lobby, exhibits, and social areas is allowed.

TED requires that only our official video team captures stage video. Our content is recorded and edited professionally, in-house, then all our talks are published exclusively to TEDxTalks on YouTube.

In addition, each presentation will be reviewed by the TED Conference team, and may be eligible for additional promotion on the main website.

Presenters and Press are welcome to embed or link to our published talks; however, the videos may not be edited, excerpted, or sold. These are the terms of our license: “Creative Commons Attribution Non-Derivative Non-Commercial”.

Publication normally takes 1-3 months, for post-production and review by TED. Our editors are working pro bono, so please do not ask us to rush; we’re grateful for their contribution, we’re doing the best we can, and we are not allowed to accept your help or send you the raw footage.

To receive notices, please be sure you’re on our mailing list at

Talking About TEDxFultonStreet:

Congratulations! We’re honored to have you participating in our event, and we are proud to give you a place on our live stage and video channel. We encourage you to publicize your involvement, through all your personal and professional media channels!

As you know, TEDxFultonStreet is an independently organized event, under contractual license from the TED Conference. Towards that end, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines of our PR practices.

Our license requires that we ask you to honor the following:

  • It’s “TEDxFultonStreet“, not “TED x Fulton St.” or “TedX Fulton Street”.
  • The “TED” is all caps, the “x” is lowercase, we spell out “FultonStreet”, and there are no spaces.
  • Please describe your coming talk as “I am speaking at TEDxFultonStreet,” but we must ask you not to say you are “speaking at TED” or “speaking at TEDx” because those names refer to other events or the program at large.
  • You may say you are ‘giving a TED Talk’, but not that you are ‘speaking at TED’.
  • It’s never written as ‘Ted’, always all-caps ‘TED’. But in any case you should only be talking about ‘TEDxFultonStreet’.
  • The ‘x’ in ‘TEDxFultonStreet’ means ‘independently organized event.’ We are a contractually licensed franchise of the world-famous TED Conferences.
  • This is part of our licensing agreement with the TED Conference; our team and our speakers can discuss “TEDxFultonStreet” in the press and our own social media, but we cannot speak for the overall “TED” or “TEDx” programs, as those include many other events.

Organizational Notes:

  • Our team is not employed by TED, and we are mostly volunteers. Our events are managed without input from TED, apart from licensing guidelines.
  • TEDxFultonStreet is produced by a 501(c)3 not-for-profit called the Silver Squirrel Foundation.
  • Aaron Sylvan, Executive Producer, draws no salary or monetary compensation of any kind, from the Foundation, from TED, or from TEDxFultonStreet in any way.

If you are a confirmed presenter or attending member of the press, and you have additional inquiries, please contact Aaron Sylvan, Executive Producer, at