Lin Evola

Lin Evola

Nuclear Artist

Since 1992, contemporary American artist Lin Evola has been using her art as a platform to promote peace. Actuating the “swords to plowshares” paradigm, citizens are engaged as weapons are collected through law enforcement and transformed from instruments of death into 64-foot monuments to peace.

In 1992, Lin Evola founded the Peace Angels Project to address the epidemic of violence by reminding us of the responsibilities we all share to create a better world. As an American contemporary Artist, Evola created the Peace Angels Project as a conceptual work of art to engage thought that is meant to stir us – to awaken us to rise up and build a life affirming legacy of Peace in our time. The concept that develops into Peace Angel monuments forwards a legacy of peace to our children and future generations.

Lin Evola’s body of work addresses the unrestrained scourge of violence in our world by focusing on inspiration rather than legislation. Whether violence is executed by the use of words or weapons, it eats away at the fabric of humanity. Peace Angels are here to personify the mysterious and invisible nature of peace by bringing together meaningful, symbolic imagery and the materials of repurposed weaponry to create images which tap into the best of the human spirit. The art itself opens a door to excite us into a pause. For it is within the stillness of the pause that a real movement towards peace can take hold and grow.

As we rise to our highest and best selves, we realize that our voices can no longer remain silent. We choose to become fierce enough to declare that the status quo is no longer acceptable. We recognize that we stand at a moment – a crossroads in the continuum of humanity’s existence. We believe that the time has come for us to ask ourselves if destroying one another is a sensible way to resolve our differences. We think not.

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