Team Profiles

Aaron Sylvan

Executive Producer (Board of Directors)

TED has been a part of my life for a dozen conferences since my first in 1997. I've also built two software companies, raised $millions in angel investment, and closed sales with Fortune 500s. Currently working as a Turnaround Specialist for distressed tech startups, and of course organizing this event.

Janet Esquirol Sylvan (Portrait photo by Aaron Sylvan taken 2018-01-13)

Janet Esquirol

Creative Director (Board of Directors)

Assistant Professor in the Media Arts and Technology Department at CUNY BMCC; Fulton Street is only minutes from my classroom! I've spent my career building specialties in advertising, publishing, motion graphics, UI/UX design, and my main passion: education.

Jason Moore - TEDxFultonStreet

Jason Moore

Video Director (Board of Directors)

I’m a film, television, and commercial director with a passion for personal stories, complex characters, and moments of spontaneous humor. I’ve directed projects around the world, but living and working in New York City is what really makes me tick. I’m a huge fan of TED and honored to be contributing to this event

    Brad Boyer, Content Coach - TEDxFultonStreet

    Brad Boyer

    Presentation Coach

    For over 25 years, Brad Boyer has been the “go to guy” when Fortune 500 executives want to develop and deliver short, powerful communications that drive action.  From a blank page to the performance on stage, he can get you ready.  This March Brad was the pitch coach at the StartUp Bus event at the SXSW festival.

      Robert Galinsky, Theatre Coach - TEDxFultonStreet

      Robert Galinsky

      Delivery Coach

      Founder of, head speaker coach at TEDxTeen, and lead facilitator at Literacy for Incarcerated Teens, Galinsky is hired consistently to enhance conferences, keynote speeches, pitches, auditions, and panels. His clients range from C-Level Executives, to TED speakers, to professional actors, to teens in prisons.

        Kelsey Crouch, Presentation Coach

        Kelsey Crouch

        Content Coach

        After 20+ years as a professional actor, Kelsey now moulds Professionals into Speakers. Communication Coach in Residence at the Brooklyn Public Library, she is also co-organizer of TEDxGramercySalon, and recent speaker coach to Impact Leadership's Blockchain for Impact Hackathon in association with the United Nations.

        Jason Ledyard, Speaker Hospitality - TEDxFultonStreet

        Jason Ledyard

        Senior Producer (Board of Directors)

        Organizer, Promoter, Creator, Impresario, DJ, Designer, Lighting Designer, Talent Booker. Jason has been involved organizing events since 1987. His last 20 years have been in NYC nightlife, where he created/produced well over a thousand events.

        Michael Conn - Director of Logistics - TEDxFultonStreet

        Michael Conn

        Senior Producer

        Michael comes from Australia via London where he received his Masters at London Business School. Now living in NYC and working in Sales with Movable Ink, he brings previous experience with multiple TEDx chapters to help make sure everyone has a TED-riffic day!

        Danii King -Stage Manager - TEDxFultonStreet

        Danii King

        Stage Manager

        With a strong interest in theatre and a great talent for organizing people, Danii works behind the scenes to make the conference runs smoothly.

          Eriq Ortiz - TEDxFultonStreet 2015

          Eriq Ortiz


          A writer, filmmaker, and honor's student at BMCC, Ortiz is passionate about editing film and writing character-driven stories.
          “The greatest visual effect any film has ever and will ever have is the actor.”

            Olga Campbell - TEDxFultonStreet - 2015

            Olga Campbell


            New York City photographer with a passion in cinematography and video editing.
            Currently studying at BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) and planning to transfer to Brooklyn College to study Film Production.

            TEDxFultonStreet - Videographer- Tim Luangkhot

            Tim Luangkhot


            Tim Luangkhot is a filmmaker to graduate from Cornell University in 2020. He has already directed and edited many professional shoots for independent short films and commercial works. His film "Beautiful Hair" won Best Narrative Film at the Tribeca Film Festival, Our City My Story in 2014.

              C.J. Yeh, Motion Graphics - TEDxFultonStreet

              C.J. Yeh

              Director of Graphics

              C.J. Yeh is a designer, artist, educator, and published author. He has published seven books to date, and several of these texts have been adopted by universities in Taiwan as textbooks. C. J. Yeh founded Cynda Media Lab.

              Sarah L. Gartner

              Sarah Gartner

              Board of Directors

              An corporate securities and transactions attorney with expertise in alternative dispute resolution and three decades of experience, Sarah provides vital strategic guidance to TEDxFultonStreet operations, as well as connections to prominent individuals in the business world.

              Dale Noelle Barbarini Weil

              Dale Noelle Weil

              Board of Directors

              An entrepreneur and leader in the modeling and fashion industry, TEDxFultonStreet is proud to have Dale as one of its key advisors. She co-curates on-stage presenters, and connects our brand with key audience members.

              Johnny Medina

              AV Technician

              Johnny Medina is a self-taught freelance graphic designer and was the CEO of a YouTube editing and graphic design team called "Oasis Tranquility". In Curtis High School's NJROTC he was awarded the Theodore Roosevelt medal for being an outstanding cadet.

              Sohee Kwon - TEDxFultonStreet

              Sohee Kwon

              Video Editor (2014-2015)

              I am a graduate of CUNY BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) with a great passion in video editing.

                Lia Sfiligoj - Motion Graphics - TEDxFultonStreet

                Lia Sfiligoj

                Motion Graphics (2015)

                Lia Sfiligoj is an Advertising Design student who is hardwired to deliver creativity. While completing her BFA, at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Lia has seen her winning animation work featured in FIT’s ‘Cultural Spheres’ Exhibition and has won the sole departmental award for the Communication Design major.

                  Tina Hung - TEDxFultonStreet 2015

                  Tina Hung

                  Social Media (2015)

                  Tina Hung loves to inspire others through social media. She's the blogger behind Gemalogue and founder of Tippy Taste Jewelry. Tina holds a BBA in Design & Business Management from Parsons The New School for Design, and will be going into Jewelry Design in Fall 2015 at FIT.

                  Fran Pollitt - TEDxFultonStreet 2015

                  Fran Pollitt

                  Speaker Coordinator (2014-2015)

                  Frances Pollitt is a visual artist, designer, and creative web consultant. With more than 15 years experience in design and web consulting, Frances Pollitt is the creative director and owner of Precise Modern, llc. In addition to her client work, she is also adjunct faculty at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the Communication Design department.

                    Asiya Vorontsova - TEDxFultonStreet 2015

                    Asiya Vorontsova

                    Speaker Coordinator (2014-2015)

                    Asiya is a seasoned yield & revenue digital advertising strategist. She loves TED for its endless opportunities to learn, hear new ideas, and be inspired. She is a world traveler, whose curiosity ranges from climbing the mountains to dancing tango on the streets of Buenos Aires.

                      Amaris Ahonen, Attendee Hospitality - TEDxFultonStreet

                      Amaris Ahonen

                      Attendee Hospitality (2014-2015)

                      With over ten years experience in hospitality industries, and a background including bookkeeping and office management, Lydia is a picture of grace under pressure - ready to help this event to run smoothly for all in attendance.

                        Monica Watkins - TEDxFultonStreet 2015

                        Monica Watkins

                        Producer (2015)

                        Producer & Creative Director Monica Watkins co-produces Diandra Forrest's 2015 segment w/ Galinsky.

                        Arianna Bollers - TEDxFultonStreet 2015

                        Arianna Bollers

                        Graphic Designer (2015)

                        Currently a graphic design student at New York City College of Technology while pursing my goal and career to become a graphic designer and full time creator while continuing to explore my creativity.

                          Jeongwoon Eun

                          Social Media (2015)

                          Jeongwoon Eun (aka Tigerwon) loves to cover events, travel, and share stories in NYC and abroad.  Winner of 'best documentary' award from Media that Matters for "Still Standing".  Between projects Jeongwoon consults with small businesses.

                          Greg Bloom, Director of Partnerships - TEDxFultonStreet

                          Greg Bloom

                          Director of Partnerships (2014)

                          President/CEO of LA Bloom. I am partnered with world-class events and initiatives in the US and globally, working with brands to maximize celebrity, pro-athlete and consumer engagement through strategic partnerships and sponsorship activations with our events.

                            Barbara Stehle, Art Curator - TEDxFultonStreet

                            Barbara Stehle

                            Art Curator (2014)

                            Dr. Barbara Stehle is an independent curator and art advisor who has worked for several museums. She writes about art and architecture and teaches at NYU and the Rhode Island School of Design.

                              Cynthia Cherish Malaran - DJ CHerishTheLuv -TEDxFultonStreet


                              Music Director (2014)

                              As a survivor of traumatic brain injury, Cynthia Cherish Malaran uses music for healing: to regain her memories and to create new ones for others. As a Hospice of NY agent, she brings palliative music comfort to the terminally ill.


                              Helene DeLillo

                              Lead Photographer (2014)

                              Helene DeLillo is an internationally recognized commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer who is engaged by high profile beauty, fashion and technology clients to create & produce advertising, marketing, editorial campaigns.


                                Pattie Belle Hastings

                                Visual Note-Taker (2014)

                                I am a Drawing Evangelist at-large and Professor of Interactive Design at Quinnipiac University, where I advocate for thinking through pencil on paper before moving around pixels on screens. Visual Notetaking helps me absorb all the cool things smart people say.

                                  David Carlos, Guest MC - TEDxFultonStreet

                                  David Carlos

                                  Guest MC (2014)

                                  In addition to my duties as the CTO and “Sexy Technologist” at, I spend my evenings as an MC for various technology events including Ultra Light Startups and Disruptive Technologists.”

                                  Ivan Habalic - TEDxFultonStreet

                                  Ivan Habalic

                                  Motion Graphics (2014)

                                  Ivan Habalic is an Advertising Design student, completing his BFA at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He has previously designed for the NYU student magazine, IVSA conference, and exhibited photography work. Ivan’s advertising team is 2014 Collegiate Effie Awards finalist.

                                    Tyler Fields TEDxFultonStreet

                                    Tyler Fields

                                    Motion Graphics (2014)

                                    Tyler Fields is a spirited designer known for openness and connecting well with others. Tyler has gained recognition at F.I.T., winning the student exhibit competition 'BIG DATA' as well as being voted President of the Advertising Club, AD@FIT.

                                    Ester Zar - TEDxFultonStreet

                                    Ester Zar

                                    Motion Graphics (2014)

                                    Ester Zar is an Australian designer currently completing a Bachelors Degree in Advertising Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She believes there is nothing better in life than asking questions, no matter what the answer may be.

                                      Christopher Isaiah Green - TEDxFultonStreet

                                      Christopher Isaiah Green

                                      Motion Graphics (2014)

                                      Christopher Isaiah Green is currently pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. His work has recently been featured in the Big Data Exhibition at FIT, where TED's ideology inspired him to dig deeper into concepts and share knowledge to inspire change.

                                        Carlos Bolanos - TEDxFultonStreet

                                        Carlos Bolanos

                                        Motion Graphics (2014)

                                        I am currently completing a bachelors degree in advertising design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  I am proficient in various phases of advertising.  I compete in design contests such as The Young Ones, and in school events, such as Chalk at FIT and Big Data exhibition, presented by the media design club @ FIT.

                                          Jan Gonzalez, Social Media - TEDxFultonStreet

                                          Jan Gonzalez

                                          Social Media (2014)

                                          I am a student at Borough of Manhattan Community College and currently aiming for my second associate degree in Multimedia Programming.

                                            Juan Rugero, Video - TEDxFultonStreet

                                            Juan Rugero

                                            Video (2014)

                                             I'm a graduate from Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. I have an AAS in Television and Radio Production and  I am currently enrolled at Baruch for a finance degree.  I'm always interested in convergent technology and the development of ideas.

                                              Frandy St. James - Event Video Team - TEDxFultonStreet

                                              Frandy St. James

                                              Event Video Team (2014)

                                              Frandy St. James is a writer/director from Brooklyn New York.

                                                Jazmine Rivera - TEDxFultonStreet

                                                Jazmine Rivera

                                                Event Video Team (2014)

                                                My name is Jazmine Rivera and I am a woman from New York with a degree in film. My concentration is writing and directing with a passion for fantasy, science fiction, and psychological thrillers.

                                                  Khush Naterwalla - Photographer - TEDxFultonStreet

                                                  Khush Naterwalla

                                                  Photographer (2014)

                                                  I am an NYC based food and product photographer, retoucher, world traveller with an obsession for perfection. I focus on the small things that make a great image while never letting the larger picture out of sight.

                                                  Danny Mirabel - TEDxFultonStreet

                                                  Danny Mirabal

                                                  EVENT VIDEO TEAM (2014)

                                                  I am a Camera Operator/Director working in New York City.  I love to tell different kinds of stories in various different formats whether it'd be Short Film, Commercials or Live Events, such as weddings, I'm up for anything having to do with filmmaking.

                                                  Chris Jon Conti - TEDxFultonStreet

                                                  Chris Jon Conti

                                                  EVENT VIDEO TEAM (2014)

                                                  Chris Jon Conti is an Editor/Sound Recordist based in NYC.  He is always looking for something interesting and meaningful to be a part of.

                                                    Julie Manso - Event Video Team - TEDxFultonStreet

                                                    Julie E. Manso

                                                    Event Video Team (2014)

                                                    Julie E. Manso is a graduate of the Hallmark Institute of Photography and the Art Institute of New York City.  Julie worked as a peer tutor and teacher's assistant, she was Director of Photography on nine student thesis films, won the Presidential Scholarship Award, and upon graduation was awarded Best Portfolio.