Elisabeth Cardiello

Narrator and Nostalgist
Founder and CEO of Caffè Unimatic }

Elisabeth Cardiello has a history of making magic happen. She started her entrepreneurial journey at a young age and her love of learning and making an impact slowly became an integral part of her story. In her teenage years, she’d created her first product and started a charitable fund to aid the family of a friend and Lost Boy of Sudan. She helped establish and was a founding member of her alma mater’s Accelerated MBA program, graduating at the top of her class in both undergraduate and graduate studies. Even while gaining some mainstream experience in the world of finance, Elisabeth found herself enrolled in Lean Sigma Training and labeled as a Change Agent at Credit Suisse and devised a business plan for a new kind of incubation space while working at an alternative asset management shop. It was her constant pursuit of knowledge that led to her exit from corporate life. She has been involved in a myriad of projects ever since, ranging from real estate to incubation to coffee, even dabbling in healthcare. She has been featured by AMEX OPEN Forum, AOL Ventures’ Panel of New Ideas and the Coffee Crazy book tour to name just a few. She is currently Founder and CEO of Caffè Unimatic, Inc., rebranding and reintroducing a rare, vintage, Italian-made drip-percolator (with one amazing story!) and line of specialty coffee to a market thirsty for old school quality and contemporary efficiency, while simultaneously making strides in preserving an important part of her family’s history. She is also Vice President of the Board of Directors, a guest professor and is spearheading the creation of a Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation at Wagner College, her alma mater. She has a love of people, brainstorming sessions (over a great cup of coffee, of course!) and is an outdoor enthusiast, avid soccer player, runner and crossfitter.