Dennis Kneale

Dennis Kneale joined FOX Business Network (FBN) as a senior media and technology correspondent in November 2010.

Prior to joining FBN, Kneale served as a senior correspondent for CNBC and was responsible for covering breaking technology and media news. Before joining CNBC, he was a managing editor at Forbes Magazine where he most notably covered corporate corruption, including the trials of Martha Stewart, Dennis Kozlowski, Bernie Ebbers. While there, he also oversaw business coverage including the Internet boom, bust and rebuild; corporate scandals and investor fallout; the backlash against the drug industry amid drug recalls and soaring costs; and the rise of Google. Kneale joined Forbes in 1998 to expand its coverage of technology, media and health.

Prior to his role at Forbes, Kneale spent 16 years at The Wall Street Journal where he was a senior editor, directing much of the coverage of new AIDS treatments, which won a Pulitzer Prize in 1997. He started at the Journal in 1982 initially covered advertising, technology and media before becoming an editor in 1990.

Kneale began his career in journalism at the News/Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale. He holds a degree in journalism from the University of Florida, where he was honored as a distinguished alumni and a member of the Hall of Fame of the student newspaper, The Independent Florida Alligator.