IMPACT Repertory Theatre

Leadership Through Arts

IMPACT Repertory Theatre was founded in 1997 by Jamal Joseph, Joyce Joseph, Voza Rivers, Alice Arlen, Courtney A. Bennett, and Ramond S. Johnson with the primary goal of inspiring under-privileged youth towards higher education through the creative arts — theater, dance, music, poetry and leadership training.  Impact serves youth ages 12 to 18 and empowers them to define, understand, and realize desirable transformations in themselves and their local communities.

Throughout Impact’s 15 years, the organization has assisted more than 1000 youth members from Harlem and throughout New York City by keeping them off the streets and engaged in workshops, leadership training, arts instruction and performances.  Approximately 100 students are enrolled this year for over 300 performances at venues such as the Lincoln Center, the United Nations, Columbia University, the Apollo Theatre, and the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.