Joseph Lipton

Inventor & CEO
CEO/Founder, Secured Worldwide }
Joseph brings 35 years of business and real estate development experience to Secured Worldwide as its CEO. A science and engineering background then recent experience with the global diamond industry led to his idea of transforming diamonds and the invention of VULT.

Joseph brings more than 30 years of real estate investment, marketing, and business development to Secured Worldwide as CEO and the inventor of the company’s product, VULT

Prior to launching Secured Worldwide and VULT, Mr. Lipton’s career focused primarily in the real estate market buying, selling, and managing high-end properties. Some of his career accolades within the real estate market include the development of ocean and lakefront properties, high-density land subdivisions, and the completion of more than 100 purchases, sales and refinancings.

Beyond the real estate and diamond industries, Mr. Lipton’s previous career ventures include serving as a partner in Gemshares LLC, which is the holder of patents enabling the creation of financial instruments; acting as President of Barricini Candies during the mid-90’s, where he was responsible for the financial restructuring, re-marketing and reverse merger of the 60-year-old consumer packaged goods confectionary brand into a publicly traded corporation. He is a founding member and former President of The Strategic Forum, a not-for-profit business development and educational forum.