Peter Laughter

Peter Laughter

Empathetic Storyteller

Hi, my name is Peter Laughter, CEO of Wall Street Services and a founding member of the NYC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism. I am very interested in the obstacles we humans deploy to separate ourselves. I am committed finding tools that allow for people to identify and rise above those obstacles.

Peter Laughter is CEO of Wall Street Services and an active public speaker. He is driven by teaching, connecting with others, and helping to create a world where people are fulfilled and inspired by their daily work through Mission: Love Your Job.

His leadership at Wall Street Services has been pivotal in helping the firm innovate ways of talent and relationship management in the recruiting industry. Working closely with each of its top investment banking clients, Peter has developed process that allow the Wall Street Services team to identify and distinguish company cultures in order to successfully match teams and consultants for maximum performance. Peter has designed consultant management software so that firms can manage talent resources more effectively. In the last five years, Peter has also restructured the organization and business objectives to focus on highly trained project-based consultants.

From experienced managers to job seekers right out of college, Peter has been able to captivate audiences and tell stories. At Wall Street Services, he developed a number of key career education and training practices that have now been replicated to an on-going event series, the Job Seeker Workshops, held in partnership with organizations like NYU, StreetWise Partners, and more. Peter is known for being able to tailor topics, examples, and flow for specific audiences to ensure maximum participation.

An current member of the Brooklyn Friends School and Conscious Capitalism movement, Peter believes that we all have a greater purpose in life and we are all interconnected. He also works with the YEO (Young Entrepreneurs Organization) and participates in helping them plan seminars and educational events.

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