Charlton Shackleton

Antarctic Explorer, Sailor, and Entrepreneur, Charlton Shackleton is planning a 2022 expedition to the South Pole commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of his ancestor, Sir Ernest Shackleton. He has created a not-for-profit organization called The Shackleton Research Trust, whose mission is to provide opportunities for advancement to underrepresented students of science from around the world through academic scholarship programs.

In addition, he is Executive Director of Shackleton Initiative Marine Research Centre, which was founded as a means to explore the study of coral reef restoration methodologies. Located at the waters edge in Tobago, West Indies, SIMRC hosts visitors, students, and researchers interested in working on Buccoo Reef.

The people most aware of the problems caused by climate change live in equatorial regions. However, they are often severely under-represented in funding. Charlton found a unique way to help climate scientists who need to visit the South Pole for research. He will follow the footsteps of his ancestor, Sir Ernest Shackleton, and take them there personally.