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Eriq Ortiz


A writer, filmmaker, and honor’s student at BMCC, Ortiz is passionate about editing film and writing character-driven stories.
“The greatest visual effect any film has ever and will ever have is the actor.”
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    Jazmine Rivera

    Event Video Team (2014)

    My name is Jazmine Rivera and I am a woman from New York with a degree in film. My concentration is writing and directing with a passion for fantasy, science fiction, and psychological thrillers.

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      Khush Naterwalla

      Photographer (2014)

      I am an NYC based food and product photographer, retoucher, world traveller with an obsession for perfection. I focus on the small things that make a great image while never letting the larger picture out of sight.

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      Helene DeLillo

      Lead Photographer (2014)

      Helene DeLillo is an internationally recognized commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer who is engaged by high profile beauty, fashion and technology clients to create & produce advertising, marketing, editorial campaigns.
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        Jason Moore

        Video Director (Board of Directors)

        I’m a film, television, and commercial director with a passion for personal stories, complex characters, and moments of spontaneous humor. I’ve directed projects around the world, but living and working in New York City is what really makes me tick. I’m a huge fan of TED and honored to be contributing to this event

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