Speaker FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

TEDxFultonStreet isn’t a typical conference. Our audience has high expectations of the speakers, and our curation team works with speakers well in advance of the conference to help shape presentations that will succeed on the TEDxFultonStreet stage.

This is the place to give the talk of your life!

What are the criteria for what’s good enough?

The TED Conference tagline is “ideas worth sharing”, and at TEDxFultonStreet we hold the notion of “worth sharing” to several standards:

  • The presentation must be a debut (never seen before)
  • The speaker (or the speaker’s invention) must be famous
  • The presenter’s work must have already touched many lives
  • Any science must be accompanied by clear experimental proof


How do I suggest a speaker?

Use our “Nominate a Presenter” form, and fill in as much information as you can. This form goes directly to our speaker selection team.

Can I suggest someone I don’t know personally? You ask for their email address, and I don’t know it.
Please do! Just let us know how you’ve heard about this person, and why you think they should speak at TEDxFultonStreet.

Can I suggest someone I work for, or a client of mine?

Can I suggest myself as a speaker?

Can I speak at TEDxFultonStreet by becoming a partner?
No. Please read more about Being a Partner. Partnering with TEDxFultonStreet has many benefits, but if we were to trade speaking slots for partnership, it would compromise the integrity of the event and we would lose our license from TED. The organizer would also be duty-bound to commit seppuku.

Will it help if I submit multiple nominations, or have my friends or employees nominate me several times?
No. It really only takes one suggestion.

Is there a deadline for suggesting a speaker?
We accept nominations all the time, but by far the sooner the better. It’s best to get your suggestions to us as early as possible, because we research each one carefully to make the best decisions on the speaker roster.

I want to speak at TEDxFultonStreet, but my usual talk runs 50 minutes. Can I get a longer slot?

We strictly enforce the clock for all speakers. TED, or an independently organized TEDx event such as ours, is the place to condense your ideas into a compelling and concise talk that communicates only your best ideas.

We’ve found that a carefully prepared presentation of this length can have astonishing impact. Presentations at TEDxFultonStreet may be 9 or 15 minutes. Longer does not automatically mean “better”.

Do you have keynotes or panels?

At all TED and TEDx events, everyone hears every presentation.  There are no breakout sessions, separate tracks, keynotes, or panels.  Why? Quite simply, because we believe that your time is worth more than that.

If someone is important enough to be on our stage, then they are also important enough that you shouldn’t have to choose between them and someone else speaking at the same time in another room. Therefore, we never have “breakout sessions” or “separate tracks”.

Similarly, we will never put a “panel” on stage, because it has been our experience that panelists are often unprepared or redundant with one another.

Every one of our speakers will be delivering a presentation which has never been seen before in the world.  They are all individuals who would be worthy of a “keynote” position at many other events; therefore we do not afford any special status to one speaker over another.

We appreciate that you will be entrusting us with your valuable time by spending the day at TEDxFultonStreet, and so we return that trust by bringing you presentations which deserve the complete stage and the undivided attention of our audience.

What do you pay speakers?

TED does not pay speakers, nor does TEDxFultonStreet. We may be able to assist with travel costs and/or hotel accommodations, depending on how our relations with corporate partners develop.

Most speakers will be with us for the entire day of activities, soaking up the inspiration and connecting with other fascinating attendees. Other goodies will include a gift bag, a beautiful program guide with a photo and bio of each presenter, and of course the video will be produced online as a lasting testament after the event. We are committed to creating an experience that’s tremendously fulfilling and beneficial on all sides.

An additional benefit of speaking at TEDxFultonStreet is that all our videos will be reviewed by the main TED Conference team, and the best may be elevated to the official “TEDTalks” and broadcast as part of the tremendously popular video podcast series with over 1,000,000,000 views so far.

Offered free to the public, TED Talks have proven extraordinarily effective at spreading ideas. Some presentations from TEDx events have had many millions of views on YouTube, and can be a tremendous platform for speakers to increase their visibility.