Team Roles

TEDxFultonStreet will succeed because of the contributions of many like-minded individuals, working as a team. Are you interested in joining?

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  • Curation

  • Staging

  • Publicity

    • Social Media Lead: needs description
    • Press Releases: needs description
    • Web Design: needs description
    • Content Associate: Post to Facebook, Tumblr, Google+
    • Realtime: Tweet, follow, respond to @mentions, DMs, RTs
    • Correspondence: Responses via FB, G+, Twitter, email
    • Imagery Associate: Post to Tumblr, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest
  • Technology

    • Website Development: Create and maintain
  • Pre-Production

    • Session Graphics: Create an animation 30-60 seconds long to introduce each of the four sessions
    • Speaker Graphics: Create a 5-second animation for each speaker, matching the theme of their session (I, II, III, or IV). NOTE: this will require the ability to make a few ‘last-minute changes’ if necessary… most speakers and sessions will be known 30-90 days in advance, but a few might change in the last few weeks.
  • Business

    • Finances: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Budget Compliance, and reporting to the main TED Conference offices.
    • Sponsorship Sales: Raising cash funding and in-kind donations is essential to creating the vibrant and media-rich experience that has become the TED standard.
    • Sponsor Relations: Once sponsorship is contracted, one or “sponsor advocates,” will respond to inquiries and facilitating their brand placements.
    • License Compliance: An assistant to Aaron Sylvan, the TEDxFultonStreet Licensee, will screen all statements to the press, logo placements, boilerplate insertions, and branding requirements, to help ensure compliance.

During the Event:

  • Check-In

    • Registration Associates: 1 associate is required per 50 attendees, for traffic to flow smoothly, so we anticipate 12 associates for this event (600 attendees). After the initial morning rush, the registration desk will have two associates at all times for latecomers, and the others will become ushers – free to enjoy the presentations.
    • Registration Manager: Maintain final authority of who is admitted to the event, gift bag distribution, and badges. Maintain the schedules and roles for the registration associates, assist the Press Liaison when not otherwise occupied.
    • Press Liaison: A special contract must be obtained from media representatives seeking to cover the event, so a separate desk will be maintained for this purpose. The Registration Manager will assist, when not otherwise occupied.
  • A/V Team:

    • Video Operator: Camera 1 (close-up on speaker)
    • Video Operator: Camera 2 (head and shoulders)
    • Video Operator: Camera 3 (whole stage + projection screen, wide angle). Camera 3 will be stationary on a tripod, so it needs only be attended for the start and finish of each presentation – and to check that batteries are fresh and the memory card has sufficient room. This camera will be located inside the sound booth, so its operator should be on-hand as a runner for the audio engineers and video operators.
    • Audio Engineer: Mix audio signals from speakers, musicians, and recorded presentations. Audio will be amplified in realtime, signal will be sent to at least one simulcast location outside the main stage room, and all audio must be recorded to Tascam DR100-mkII or equivalent for the final edited videos.
    • Audio Assistant: Make sure each speaker has their wireless microphone connected properly prior to their presentation on-stage. Requires clipping a battery-powered transmitter to their belt, and running a wire to the headset. Special provisions will be necessary for musical performances. A pair of conventional hand-held microphones will also be kept on-hand in case of and emergency or failure.
    • Lead Photographer: Portraits of all speakers and presentations, equipment must include full-frame digital camera with f2.8 70-200mm stabilized lens. Shoot at eye level when possible. Original images must be captured in “RAW” mode, in case exposure correction is necessary before conversion down to JPEG for publication.
    • 2nd Photographer: Audience reactions, crowds, over-the-shoulder shots from backstage toward the audience. Canon “APS-C” or Nikon “DX” format DSLR (or larger) is acceptable.
    • Digital Manager (Data): Collect SD/CF Cards from photographers and videographers in realtime, dump data to backup laptop, distribute additional cards as needed. (should be prepared to take over Digital Presentation Manager role in case of emergency)
    • Digital Manager (Presentations):
      Queue each presenter’s presentation on main laptop and backup laptop. Responsible to maintain operating remote controls, including batteries and bluetooth pairing. (should be prepared to take over Digital Data Manager role in case of emergency)
  • Venue Services

    • Security will be provided on-site by the venue.
    • First Aid, if needed, shall be provided by the venue or local municipality.
  • Food & Beverage

    • Sponsors will provide the meals, and the venue’s staff will manage setup and cleanup.
  • Bookstore

    • There will be a bookstore on-site, owned and operated independently from TEDxFultonStreet. Recommendations from the speakers will be available for purchase, and cash or debit/credit cards will be accepted. Shipping will be available.