Opportunities for 2014

There are several ways to partner with TEDxFultonStreet for the benefit of your brand and community, including: Fiscal, In-Kind, Media, and Volunteer.

Brand Placement

  • One side of the gift bag. All attendees will receive a gift bag, and each speaker will receive a different bag from the attendees. The TEDxFultonStreet logo will be printed on one side of the gift bag, and the other side can be shared by two sponsors or purchased as exclusively by one.
  • Inside the program guide (inner full page, half page or mention). Everyone will receive a full-color printed booklet with pictures and biographies of each presenter. Many attendees take extensive notes in these program guides, and save them as treasured keepsakes. Every sponsor will have its logo appear in the program guide, and larger sponsors may provide a paragraph of text describing their offerings and their partnership with TEDxFultonStreet.
  • Gifts (mugs, pens, etc.) Sponsors may distribute branded materials in the attendee gift bags and/or the speaker gift bags, with the requirements that sufficient items are provided for all, the TEDxFultonStreet logo is displayed on the “front” and the sponsor logo is not displayed on the same side, and the “gift” must be a useful object (a pen or flashlight is useful; a postcard is not).
  • Discounts Under certain circumstances we will allow sponsors to offer discounts to attendees   the main priority is that the offer needs to be something of actual value. For instance, a “one-hour free consult” is clearly an overture to a more expensive service, and therefore we do not consider it a “gift”. On the other hand, a free haircut or a deep discount to an established product would qualify.
  • Logo on the Website Sponsor logos are featured on a section of the TEDxFultonStreet website, sorted according to sponsor size. Larger sponsors can click through to an additional page on the website; smaller sponsors’ logos will provide direct links to whatever URL they designate.
  • Volunteer T-shirts. In keeping with TED tradition, volunteers will be wearing black t-shirts. On the front will be the “TEDxFultonStreet” logo, which are printed either as 2-color silkcsreens (white + TED Red Pantone 485), or as four-color (CMYK) prints which render the proper colors. The back can feature one logo up to 8″ square, or two logos each up to 8″ wide and 4″ high.
  • Attendee T-shirts. We would like to offer each attendee a t-shirt, and a sponsor willing to pay for the printing can display its logo on the back. Ink and logo placement requirements are the same as for volunteer t-shirts, above.

In-Kind Sponsors

  • Event Signage Vertical stand-up banners, horizontal banners for wall display, poster-sized door signs (e.g. “turn left for the event”, “please do not open this door while conference is in session”)
  • Event Programs Small folded booklets, saddle-stitched, either two-color printing (black + TED Red Pantone 485) or four-color process printing (nice for sponsor logos)
  • Name Badges four-color process printing, duplex, roughly 4″x6″. TED badges are larger than typical event badges because they include a summary of the program for easy reference, and a prominent “talk to me about ______” conversation-starter. Printing is double-sided so that attendee names are always visible.
  • Badge Lanyards The badges are worn around the attendees’ necks, and one event partner can have its name/logo appear on those lanyards.
Food & Beverage
  • Breakfast During registration, light breakfast will be served
  • Coffee Between Sessions 1 and 2, in the morning, will be a coffee break.
  • Lunch Due to the size of the event, multiple lunch options will be offered. Sponsorship can range from “box lunches” to sit-down meals in local restaurants. Please inquire for details.
  • Cookies Between Sessions 3 and 4, in the afternoon, will be another break.
  • Reception At the end of the event will be a closing reception – please contact us directly if you’re interested in sponsoring it.

Media Sponsors

  • Mailing Lists Please contact us directly, to inquire about branding and placement for your organization, in exchange for publicity through your email list.
  • Social Media Pre-event and During-event posts to twitter, facebook, google+, vine, and tumblr, are more than welcome! Please contact us directly, to discuss requirements in terms of content standards and social media following size.

Volunteer Sponsors

  • Audio/Visual Please refer to the “team” page to see what positions we’re looking to fill.
  • Administrative Registration Manager and Associates, Press Liaison – Please refer to the “team” page to see what roles are needed.