Partnership F.A.Q.

Why Become a TEDx Partner?

As a TEDx Partner, you will have the opportunity to engage in an authentic dialogue with an elusive yet valuable audience: passionate, open-minded people in your community.

As a Partner in support of TEDxFultonStreet, you will have an opportunity to test your ideas for the future, and be challenged to positively impact your community and the planet in new ways.

By supporting us, you join the global TEDx community, and benefit from TEDxFultonStreet’s individually tailored, local flavor.

Becoming a TEDxFultonStreet Partner means you share in our vision of spreading ideas that are intended to change the world for the better.

An open source, local, community event? What does that mean to you as a Partner?

TEDx events are individually organized, and this event is one of several TEDx events happening in the greater New York City area. Each TEDx event has its own name and organizational team, unrelated to each other.

TED does encourage local TEDx organizers to meet, communicate, collaborate and share best regional practices, and we are frequently in touch with other TEDx organizers around the world.

All TEDx events follow guidelines for content and formatting established by TED. A TEDx license is provided free by TED to the TEDx event Organizer, if the rigorous application process is approved.

TED requires that TEDx events do not charge more than $100 per ticket. Therefore, to host a quality event, we need your support.

To host a TEDx event with more than 100 attendees, the Primary Licensee needs to have attended an official TED conference. In the case of TEDxFultonStreet, the organizer has been an attendee of the invitation-only main conference 12 times. This creates a level of quality control for larger TEDx events, such as TEDxFultonStreet.

What’s unique about supporting a TEDx event?

No partner can speak from the main stage of a TEDx event. If a TEDx event allows its partners or sponsors to pitch from stage, or in any way influence editorial programming decisions, TED has the right to revoke its license.

TEDx events and their Partners may not use social media to promote their partnership; the logos of sponsors are displayed on the event’s website on a “Sponsors” page which is not the home page.

From time to time, Partners do demo a new product at TED, and can do so at a TEDx event only if the product is truly innovative, and is being seen by the world for the first time.

TED asks these presenters to not mention a company onstage, but to focus on the new innovation being presented.

At TEDx events, TED does encourage interactive concepts like innovation alleys: areas outside of the main stage that show cool new ideas and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can sponsors not speak at a TEDx events?

At all TED/TEDx events there is a clear division between sponsorship and editorial. Allowing a sponsor to speak at TEDxFultonStreet will severely compromise the integrity of the event and the whole TEDx program. Allowing a sponsor to present at TEDxFultonStreet will result in the cancellation of our TEDx license.

Does TED financially support TEDx events?

No. TED Conferences and TEDx do not financially support any events. All funding is self-organized.

Can TEDxFultonStreet be used to make money for the organizers?

No. TEDx events may not be used to turn a profit. All proceeds from TEDxFultonStreet must go back into the event production. If there are funds left over, they will be invested in the next TEDxFultonStreet event, in a TEDx event in a developing country, or donated to a school wishing to host a TEDx event.

Can TEDxFultonStreet be used as a fundraiser?

No. TEDx events may not be used to raise money for any causes or charities. All money must go into direction and production costs for the TEDx event itself.

Can TEDxFultonStreet accept funding for the event from its speakers?

No. TEDx events may not accept money from anyone who will be speaking on stage. If the event chooses to accept funding from a scheduled speaker that presentation must be cancelled.

How are the speakers paid?

TED does not pay its speakers, and TEDx events are expected to adhere to the same guideline. If the event has sufficient sponsorship, we are permitted and encouraged to reimburse speakers for their airfare and hotel costs (if applicable).

Is the TEDx organizer paid?

No. The license holder of a TEDx event may not derive a salary or be paid for his or her work organizing an event. All TEDx events are organized independently and voluntarily because of an individual’s passion for “ideas worth spreading.” However, this does not apply to vendors working on an event.

What does it cost to attend a TEDx event?

In the spirit of TED’s mission of “Ideas Worth Spreading,” TED encourages that all events be free to attendees. However, in recognition of the need to defer production costs, TEDx events are permitted to charge a maximum ticket price of $100, with prior approval. TEDxFultonStreet has been approved for this.

Can sponsor logos appear on stage?

Organizers may only feature one or two brief slides with sponsor logos on the TEDx stage, and only during the short time when they are thanking their sponsors.

Without any permanent place for sponsor logos on the main stage, what kind of exposure do sponsors receive at the event?

We seek to be as creative as possible in exploring the spaces outside of the main stage. TEDxFultonStreet will create social spaces where we can offer an experience tied to the sponsor(s). We encourage genuine interaction between sponsors and attendees outside of the theater through product demos, sponsor-hosted lunches or dinners, samples and general conversation.

How will sponsors’ logos appear?

Sponsor logos must never compete with the TEDx logo. They cannot be larger than the TEDxFultonStreet logo, and they must not be placed directly next to the TEDx event logo. In general, TED asks that sponsor logos are placed/designed in a tasteful manner.

Here are a few ways sponsors’ logos may appear:

  • One side of the gift bag. The sponsor’s logo cannot be on the same side as the TEDx logo.
  • Inside the program guide (inner full page, half page or mention). Front or back pages of the guide should not be dedicated to sponsorships.
  • On mugs, t-shirts, etc. However, the sponsor logo must never be on the same side as and must always be smaller than the TEDx event logo.
  • On a designated partner page on the website. However, a sponsor cannot be featured on the homepage of your website.
  • On volunteer t-shirts. As with other t-shirts, the sponsor logo should be placed on the opposite side of the t-shirt to the TEDx event logo.
  • On gift bag items. Use gift bags to distribute any sponsor giveaways that carry branding elements.
    There should be no logo on the live stream video, with the possible exception of the TEDx event logo.

Can we sell mugs, t-shirts or posters at our event?

Yes. Sales of TEDx products are fine, as long as it during the event only, never online, or before or after the event. Sales from products go back into the event, and never to fundraise or to benefit causes.

Can we give sponsors exposure on stage?

Yes. We will thank our sponsors on stage and show their logos on brief slides at the end of the event and during breaks. During the short breaks, sponsors’ slides will be rotating on stage. However, there must not be any permanent display of a sponsor’s logo on a TEDx stage.

How do we treat sponsors logos on programs?

Sponsor logos will not be featured on the front page or back page of the program guide. Instead, there will be one or several pages inside the guide dedicated to partners. As with all other materials, these sponsor logos must always be smaller than the TEDxFultonStreet logo on the same document.

What kind of language will be used when acknowledging sponsors?

Some suggested language for introducing sponsors would be:

  • Here is a list of sponsors who helped …
  • Our generous partners are …
  • Language such as “TEDxFultonStreet is brought to you by [sponsor]” is not allowed.

Can we mention sponsors during interviews on the radio or TV?

No. Sponsors should not be mentioned during press interviews. Press attention should be used to promote the event. Sponsors can be acknowledged at the event.

Can we thank or mention sponsors on our Facebook page, Twitter account or other social media?

No. TEDx social media networks must not be used to promote sponsors. Do not tweet or post on Facebook about your sponsors.

Sponsors may use their social media channels to announce the partnership if they desire. This announcement must include the official TEDxFultonStreet logo, and not simply say “TEDx”, as the sponsor is not a supporter of the TEDx program as a whole.

Sponsor logos on videos:

Sponsor logos may only be shown on one slide at the beginning and end of each video. This slide must be 3 seconds long at maximum and adhere to the official TEDx sponsorship slide template. There may only be a single slide in each video to feature all of your sponsor logos. Sponsor logos may not appear anywhere else in the video. If there are multiple sponsors we must feature all of your sponsor logos on the one slide. We can never superimpose our event logo or a sponsor logo over the speaker’s talk or slides. TEDx videos never feature rolling credits.

Will there be sponsor signage at and around the venue?

Yes. Sponsor signage must be placed outside the event auditorium on the day of the event. As with all other signage, the TEDx event logo must always be larger than sponsor logos, and must not be displayed on the same side. However, any signage used to promote the event throughout New York City cannot include sponsor logos.

Can sponsors create handouts for the event?

As part of the gift bag. Not in the theater or simulcast area. Must be in designated sponsor area/booth. Not on seating.

Can sponsors have exposure in simulcast areas?

Sponsors can be given some exposure in the simulcast areas of the event. However sponsor products should be displayed tastefully. It’s best to offer useful sponsor products, like snacks, beverages or 3D glasses, but no signage is allowed. Any sponsor products must be provided free of charge to attendees.

Can sponsors hold competitions around TEDx events‚ to give away tickets, for example?

No. Any competitions or initiatives held in concert with a TEDx event must remain under the control of the TEDx organizer.

Can we hold book signings or other speaker-related events at our TEDx?

No. Book signings count as product promotions and cannot be held at a TEDx event. If you would like to hold a book signing or another event honoring a speaker or featuring a sponsor, please do so before or after your TEDx event and allow interested attendees to opt in.