Being a Partner

The global mission of the TED Conference is to share “Ideas Worth Spreading”, and TEDx Organizers are carefully screened and chosen to be granted licenses because we support that greater good.

Here are some of the ways you benefit by partnering with TEDxFultonStreet:

  • The event will bring hundreds of interesting people from the community, especially including local business owners, job creators, entrepreneurs, artists, thinkers, scientists, and of course journalists
  • The team of TEDxFultonStreet curators will provide an entire day-long experience with dozens of world-class presentations for the audience
  • Every presentation on stage will be recorded and edited as a broadcast-quality video production, from at least two camera angles.
  • The primary partners will have their logos appear at the end of every video — and all the videos will be uploaded to TEDxTalks.  The TED Conference team reviews every TEDx presentation, and features the best ones on the website.
  • While partners are not permitted to present on stage or to exert editorial control over the main stage, as the event organizers we can say we’re very interested in suggestions for speakers worth considering — including alumni and friends of the sponsors’ community — and my team will give any recommended individuals very careful consideration.
  • There’s more to the event than the main stage:
    • there will be a lounge area in which partners may set up exhibits.
    • the lounge area will also contain a bookstore for attendees to purchase books recommended (or authored) by the speakers or partners
  • The event will include signage with partners’ logos at the event
  • Partners will be credited and thanked explicitly by the host, during the event, from the main stage
  • Gift bags will be distributed to attendees and speakers; one or two partners can have their logos appear on the bags, and all partners can provide branded gifts inside the bags (subject to approval; obviously nothing unsafe, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive; gifts must be useful, and not simply advertisements: for instance, a pen is fine, but a flyer is not; a coupon for a free haircut is okay, but not an ‘introductory tax consultation’)
  • The website has a ‘Partners’ page, with logos displayed in size order of the contributions.
  • For nearly half a year leading up to the event, partners are invited to publicize their involvement

…and the list continues…

Please note the one thing we can not offer to partners:

The tremendous value of the TED brand, and the independently-organized TEDx events, derives partly from the fact that positions on stage cannot be influenced by partnership, traded, or purchased in any way. The Organizer is not a presenter, and does not earn money from the event — in fact, most of the people involved at TEDxFultonStreet are volunteers. In other words, all partners and organizers have the same motivation: We are doing it because of our interest in the charitable support of “Ideas Worth Sharing” to benefit the world at large.

To discuss participation, please directly contact aaron at ted x fulton street dot com