2. Day of the Event

Below is your marketing checklist of things to do the day of and during TEDxFultonStreet.
  • Enjoy yourself!
  • If you opted to display products or literature, have staff prepared to work at that table.

    Remember, the event runs for almost twelve hours, and team members get tired. They also get lonely. You may wish to bring several people and have them switch places during the day. That way, they can also enjoy parts of the show!

  • Collect attendee data at your table via raffles or incentives.

    TEDxFultonStreet does not provide sponsors with the entire attendee list, but your are welcome to collect information from anyone who “opts in”. TED differs from “networking events” in that the audience has truly come to learn. Most audience members don’t bring many business cards, but if you pique their interest, they are usually open to signups and mailing lists.

  • Have gift bag items delivered by 3:00pm the day before the event.

    So TEDxFultonStreet volunteers have time to prepare the bags!

  • Network with everyone

    And we do mean everyone — attendees, speakers, volunteers, and other partners

  • Take notes on the talks

    There will be many, and they move fast! The “unforgettable” idea you see in the morning… might be completely forgotten a few hours later. You’ll thank yourself for writing down salient quotes from the speakers and even whatever magical thoughts of your own pop into your head during the day.

  • Take your own pictures of the event

    We will have a professional photographer, but you’re also encouraged to take your own keepsakes! And share them on your social media! One good set of photos, combined with your notes from the various presentations, can give enough thought-provoking blog posts for weeks or months.