1. Before the Event (now)

Below is your marketing checklist of things to do before TEDxFultonStreet takes place this year. Remember, we can customize partnerships to further increase your return. Just tell us what you’d like to do, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.
  • Share why you are partnering
  • Order 600 items for the attendees’ gift bags

    The audience is 600+ of the area’s leading business owners, innovators, community leaders, and inspired thinkers

  • Order 40 items for the speakers’ gift bags

    Each speaker will receive a different gift bag than the attendees. Speakers are people who have changed the world, in terms of Technology, Entertainment, or Design. Many are famous, either within their field or globally, and some of them have traveled a long way to make this presentation. Help us to make them feel welcome and appreciated!

  • Add a personal note to the gift on why or the significance of the gift

    Giving away a free pen is fine, but attaching a note saying that the pen is “for writing down your next big idea” is so much better!

  • Update your website on why you are partnering with TEDxFultonStreet
  • Tell everyone why you are partnering
  • Invite your key team members to the event
  • Invite your customers, clients, or members to the event
  • Invite your marketing, press, public relations teams to the event