Making the Most of It

We have seen too many events that ask for “sponsorships”, and then give nothing more than a logo and a “thank you” when you hand over the check. At TEDxFultonStreet, we think that is wrong. We strive for true partnerships – relationships that are mutually beneficial and where both parties help each other to succeed. We not only want TEDxFultonStreet to succeed, but truly want you to succeed as well. Our action plan consists of ideas and checklists designed for you and your marketing personnel.

This “Action Plan” is an easy to use guide that will help you maximize your contribution for the entire year.

Just follow these two rules to maximize your partnership’s marketing potential:

  1. Stress why you are partnering with TEDxFultonStreet
  2. Do not try to sell your products or services

This may sound counterintuitive, but it is well-proven. We strive for authentic networking and dialog at TEDxFultonStreet, so it makes perfect sense to achieve authentic marketing as well.

The “why” is simple, just share with everyone truly why you are partnering. It could be because you love TED talks, you think TEDxFultonStreet is great for the area, or you like one of the speakers. There is no wrong answer, just share the “why“.

Don’t sell! Through authentic sharing of why you support TEDxFultonStreet, potential stakeholders will eventually ask about your products and services. If you have an exhibit at the event, they will inquire without you having to sell. Your goal is to share ideas with like-minded people. Remember the old adage: people buy from those whom they like.